This is What Our Work Looks Like

We’ll be straight with you - we’re a unique setup, and it can be tough to explain what we do to people who we know will benefit, but have never used a service like ours before.

So here’s some information about projects we’ve devised and run for organisations, and how these resulted in lasting, positive change.

Helping to restructure local government to better serve communities


We brought together a group of senior public service leaders from different organisations to agree on priority issues in their communities.


Through one-to-one support, we helped them find more effective ways of working and of using information and resources.  


We started small, implementing changes for a handful of families with the most complex needs. 

The Results

In time, the group restructured local government, merging six district council areas into three, resulting in significant improvements that greatly enhanced quality of life for local residents.

Bringing services together, improving outcomes for local families


We brought together a group of middle managers from across public sector, third sector and community organisations, with a view to improving the lives of families in Suffolk.  


We helped them use greater insights, develop better leadership systems and work more collaboratively. 

The Results

Together, they halved the number of children on the child protection register and reduced the cost of services by £7.2m per annum.

Developing a brand new service for bereaved families 


We worked with staff and senior management at Victim Support, Scotland, to develop a new service for families bereaved by crime. 


Through speaking directly with affected families to develop deeper insights into their experiences and pin down their needs, expectations and rights.

The Results

The service was transformed, and the team members we supported said it was the most meaningful, impactful work they had ever done.  

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