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Our Services

We bring about change for organisations experiencing a wide range of challenges. We tailor our approach according to where you are and where you want to get to.


Inspiring and motivating teams to redesign and revolutionise the way you work

Our innovative transformation process blends insight, improvisation, strategic design and change management to reconfigure how resources are deployed within your organisation, increasing efficiency and adding value where it matters most.

We provide the tools, methods, insights and experiences needed to help teams devise and breathe life into strategies.

We also join up the practical know-how and creativity of frontline staff with the skill and experience of decision makers, creating the alignment needed to make transformation both happen and stick-around.

How do we do this?


By standing alongside you, not at a lectern, and by working with you, not telling you what to do. New ways of working will be embraced and adopted because your teams have been instrumental in their creation and implementation. Working this way makes for motivated and engaged staff who will stay curious and sustain improvements, long after we’ve validated our parking pass. 

Culture change

Uncover the Patterns of Interaction that Can Activate or Hold Back Change

Working with individuals, grassroots teams and senior management teams, we help organisations evolve by finding and addressing the (often) hidden patterns of thinking and doing that can put the brakes on change. 

To do this, we ask challenging questions, opening and facilitating discussions on taboo topics like politics and power. But we’re not here to point the finger or pass the buck, so we’ll always be more interested in the ‘why’ than the ‘who’.  

As change only happens when you believe change is possible, we’ll inspire and motivate you and your staff with the courage needed to do things differently, letting go of old processes that are no longer working and stepping inquisitively (never blindly) into the unknown. 

As we wave adieu, we leave behind staff who are engaged and energised, feeling more connected to their individual roles and better understanding their function within the wider organisation. 

How do we do this?


By giving people permission to seek and speak the truth in a safe, positive environment, without fear of judgment or reprisal. 

As staff learn how to identify and examine the patterns of behaviour, the workarounds, and the narratives that reinforce the unhappy status quo, they begin to realise what’s been holding them back from positive change.

Armed with this knowledge, we start to write an exciting new story that everyone wants to be part of.


Service Design

Discovering and implementing better outcomes for service users

Service design challenges you to think beyond operations and processes, consulting directly with the people who experience the end-product of your efforts.

We work alongside teams to generate fresh insights into the real-life experience of the people you serve, turning these into fresh opportunities for your organisation.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but honest and open communication is instrumental in developing the empathy needed to inhabit the people who make or break your organisation. 

We’ll help you turn down the noise and tune in to the people who matter the most. 

How do we do this?


By giving people new tools and new ways of working that encourage relentless curiosity and commitment to understanding the needs, rights and expectations of service users, and to putting these findings into action.

Unpicking the processes and patterns of behaviour that create friction with service users, we’ll work on what’s not working to create better, more customer or client-focused ways of thinking and doing. 

Place-based programmes

Bringing organisations and public sector agencies together to share skills and resources 


Within their communities, people and families interact with a wide range of different organisations and public sector agencies for a variety of reasons. 

In order to improve outcomes for the individuals and groups who access these services, teams must learn how to engage and collaborate with staff from other organisations -  not an easy task with so many interests, relationships, ways of working and complex histories to navigate.

Attempting to join up user experiences, thus providing the best possible support can be frustrating, baffling, time consuming and expensive (with the results often being highly inefficient.)

Acting as neutral brokers, we bring people together with a common purpose, using a common framework, to increase their collective impact on the issues that matter to the communities they serve. 

We also go out into these communities to directly engage with service users, asking what would make their experience more cohesive and effective.  

How do we do this?


Through shared learning and practise, we help multi-agency teams align their efforts, reconfigure their resources and redesign their services to be more effective for a greater number of users.

Bringing people together in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment, we facilitate the collaborative approach needed to reduce gaps and overlaps in service provision and make the best shared use of local resources. 

Caution: this work builds trust, creates professional networks and may result in friendly long-term relationships between multidisciplinary agencies.

Leadership and Team Development

You want to develop new and more effective leadership skills to increase your personal agency and make change happen. Perhaps you recognise that your teams seem ‘stuck’ and aren’t as engaged, motivated and productive as you want them to be.

Our bespoke social learning programmes bring together managers and directors in need of a confidence boost, helping them understand and practice different and more effective ways of supporting staff, take inspiration and advice from interesting and thought-provoking experts and share thinking about how to apply this learning to real-life workplace problems. 

How do we do this?


Our programmes are tailored to suit your individual needs - whether you’re looking for learning that’s pragmatic and practical or imaginative and unusual. Either way, you’ll leave with an increased ability to help teams take on real-world problems in complex environments, across whole systems of service provision.


You will develop fresh insights both into recognised leadership models and into how you want to lead, growing in confidence as you put your new learning into practise in the workplace.  

Realising people's untapped potential and empowering their collective impact

Curious about us? We’re always happy to have a chat. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get going again. If we think we can help, we’ll shape the next steps together. And if we’re not right for you, we’ll say so.

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