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Is your organisation evading change? 

Thrive will help you see things differently.

Working with us, you’ll reimagine, reconfigure and revitalise your organisation and transform your teams.

We support and advise people within large organisations that need to make big changes, often in complex circumstances and environments.

Using a solid theoretical framework that doesn’t overcomplicate or intimidate, we’ll explore why change is needed, what that change might look and feel like, how we’ll achieve it, and what life will be like once it happens. 

We’re collaborators not coaches, standing shoulder to shoulder with you and your staff in real time, to make a real difference. When change comes willingly from within, rather than being imposed from outside, it’s much more likely to last.

We facilitate open, honest conversations and transparent working practises and environments. We’re impartial, we’re great listeners and we don’t take sides or talk behind anyone's back.

Our work is novel and challenging, because if a conversation is hard, it’s usually one worth having. Signing up for the journey with Thrive takes courage, but the results speak for themselves.

Why Thrive?

Why Thrive?

We bring about change for companies experiencing a wide range of challenges. If the following sounds like you, get in touch to discuss how Thrive could help.

You’re struggling to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and need to both  innovate and reconfigure your services, all while keeping the wolf from the door.

We’ll help you adapt quickly and decisively.

You need to reconfigure your business model based on insights from frontline services.

We’ll help you interpret and act on feedback.

You need to make changes within your organisation's


We’ll expose and fix the beliefs and behaviours holding you back.

You need to make an intervention in any aspect or area of your business to do things better and faster, and to make people happier and more productive.


You need to collaborate more effectively with partners and other agencies.

We’ll help you learn how to share nicely with others.

You need to motivate your staff and steer your organisation more effectively.

We’ll help you strengthen your leadership skills.

You need to do things better and faster, and make people happier and more productive.

We'll help to reignite people's passion to make a difference.

Positive, lasting change doesn’t happen by accident.

It happens in collaboration with Thrive. 

Working with Thrive was the best experience of my career so far."


We achieved more in a few months with Thrive than we had in years before."


Our Services


Inspiring and motivating teams to redesign and revolutionise the way you work

Culture Change

Uncovering the patterns of behaviour that activate or hold back change

Service Design

Discovering and implementing better outcomes for service users

Place-Based Programmes

Bringing organisations and public sector agencies together to share skills and resources 

Leadership and 

Team Development

Realising people's untapped potential and empowering their collective impact

About us

Thrive is Lynne Wardle and Richard Hewitt. 

Through varied careers, we’ve learned what makes for good work and good leadership. And what doesn’t.

Lynne kicked-off her career in the private sector, working in strategy and innovation in financial services, retail and consultancy. Richard spent two decades in the British Army, ultimately as commanding officer of an elite parachute regiment.

We’ve been working together at Thrive for over a decade, and though we bring very different skills to our roles in supporting people through big changes, we share a common interest in exploring unconventional approaches to coping with uncertainty and adversity in the workplace.

Together at Thrive, we lead breakthrough place-based programmes that help public sector leaders rethink how they operate and collaborate, to get the best from their teams and the best outcomes for the communities they serve. 

We also help people find new ways of engaging with and relating to each other in the workplace, shaping strategies and services, allowing teams to creatively transform their organisations from the inside out.

Our work is often disruptive, occasionally dramatic, holistic, hands on and happiness-causing. Oh, and effective. Always.

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