Taylor Stillie

With the realisation that design isn’t how something looks but instead how it works, Taylor began to explore design methodology in different contexts. Particularly drawn to public sector, she formed an understanding of design for services and design for people, exiting her traditional craft background.


Working freelance across multiple disciplines from property development to facilitation, Taylor established a unique point of view. As a design practitioner within Thrive, she works with both organisations and communities to support collaborative change process based on informed research, engagement, production and facilitation derived from design principles.


After a coffee and Skype in 2017, Taylor joined the team. She has never been able to give a straight answer to the question “so, what do you do?”, and she still can’t.


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1 Lochrin Square 92-98, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QA

Thrive Associates: UK Registered company 10895155

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