Rachel Goldie

Rachel has always been interested in people and their stories – particularly those with a different perspective to the world than hers. After training in textile design, she wanted to explore what design could offer to other contexts. This took her to London where her master’s project explored co-design as a way to communicate and create empathy between people.

Following opportunities for her design skills to make things better for others, Rachel has gained experience as an artist in residence, as a creative tutor and now as a designer at Thrive.


Rachel joined the team in July 2018 and has been enjoying applying her design skills to complex systems and collaborating to create change.


You can find her (reluctantly) on social media.


Rachel's Social Media


1 Lochrin Square 92-98, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QA

Thrive Associates: UK Registered company 10895155

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