Lynne Wardle

Lynne began her career as an economist in a retail bank where her guess-based forecasts were notoriously more accurate than the Bank of England’s. After spending time with customers asking lots of ‘why?’ questions, she designed a fixed-rate mortgage service that delivered certainty to homebuyers and 30% market share to her employer.


She turned her back on the popularity of being a banker to join the strategy team at Deloitte in London. While there, she made a sustainable impact. Her projects led to changes that still underpin the workings of mobile telephony markets, the safety of gas trading, carbon reduction programmes and her team still meet every year for Christmas dinner twenty years on.


At Thrive, Lynne enjoys the variety and challenge of spending half her time with people and communities and half her time in organisational settings. Her challenge is to be a translator for both.


Lynne is often on Twitter, rarely on LinkedIn and mainly on BBCGoodFood.


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